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A close up of Auston Stamm. A caucasian man in his thirties with dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

Professional Skills

  • Knowledge of the ADA, WCAG Guidelines, and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act 

  • Skilled at identifying and remediating instructional accessibility barriers  relating to documents, websites, and educational technology 

  • Adept at working with faculty and campus partners to resolve complex accessibility issues

  • Experience assessing students’ assistive technology and accommodation needs and implementing compensatory strategies 

Work Experience

Digital Accessibility Instructional Specialist 
Stanford University, CA                        
Mar 2022- Present

Job Duties: Instructional accessibility testing, guidance, and training; creating accessibility tutorials and modules; providing digital accessibility training and presentations to the campus community; partnering with the Center for Teaching and Learning to promote the use of accessible instructional materials  

Job Description:

  • Tested Rise and Storyline courses to identify accessibility errors and strategies for remediation 

  • Created a Canvas course for the Stanford community that provides tutorials on how to implement foundational accessibility strategies in Canvas, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Google Docs 

  • Developed checklists with accessibility standards that content authors can leverage to create inclusive Rise or Storyline courses

  • Supported the design of accessibility modules to educate content authors on how to implement accessibility strategies like a logical focus order, alt text, captions, transcripts, and accessibility features in Rise and Storyline 

  • Presented on instructional accessibility strategies at Stanford’s Center for Teaching and Learning fall and spring events 

  • Provided guidance on how to create accessible syllabi for Stanford's Center for Teaching and Learning

  • Provided training to campus partners like business administration and legal services on document accessibility strategies for Word Documents and PDF files 

  • Facilitated the launch of a campus-wide training platform to educate the Stanford community about web and document accessibility strategies   

  • Created tutorial videos and presentations to promote the PopeTech Accessibility Guide and highlighted how it can be used to remediate course content in the Canvas LMS

Assistive Technology Coordinator 
Saint Mary’s College CA                        
Mar 2018-Feb 2022 

Job Duties: Convert accessible textbooks and course materials; provide assistive technology tutorials to students; manage CART and captioned materials; train faculty and staff about accessibility best practices 

Job Description:

  • Responsible for processing over 300 alternate textbooks each semester for qualifying students with print disabilities

  • Met with students on a daily basis to provide tutorials on Kurzweil, SmartPens,, digital recorders, and basic computer skills

  • Managed remote CART and created a Google Drive-based system to provide captioned materials to faculty and students

  • Developed a Student Disability Services YouTube Channel with tutorial videos on how to use available assistive technologies 

  • Taught faculty how to make their course content more accessible for students and educated them about basic web accessibility

  • Presented at EdTech’s Faculty Tech Camp each year to help educate faculty about digital accessibility  

  • Screened vendors for Saint Mary’s departments to evaluate the accessibility of websites and software

  • The faculty advisor for the student-led Diverse Abilities club on campus, which organizes social and disability awareness events each semester

  •  Remediated Student Disability Services PDFs to ensure screen reader compatibility

Community Outreach

  • Board Director Of Ability Now Bay Area  2019-2023

    • Attended board meetings and events for the center​

    • Provided guidance on web accessibility, instructional design, and assistive technology 

    • Supported an effort to partner with AbleGamers to provide participants the opportunity to access accessible controllers and video games 

  • Social Media​

    • Created the largest digital accessibility community on the fediverse platform Lemmy​

    • Consistently sharing digital accessibility information on the fediverse platform Mastodon 

    • Producing YouTube and blog content on instructional accessibility topics


  • Doctorate in Educational Technology          

    • Boise State University                        

    • 2020-Present

  • Masters in Occupational Therapy                

    • University of Southern California      

    • 2015-2017

  • Bachelors in Film Production                        

    • Loyola Marymount University          

    • 2008-2012

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