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A close up of Auston Stamm. A caucasian man in his thirties with dark blonde hair and blue eyes.


a bit about me:

I am the Digital Accessibility Instructional Specialist for Stanford University. I educate educational technologists, content authors, and faculty members about creating accessible course materials for the campus community. I specialize in strategies for creating accessible courses in Canvas, Storyline, and Rise. I created a Canvas course open to the Stanford Community that covers a variety of accessibility strategies including headings, alt text, descriptive links, and accessible tables. I demo how to implement these strategies in Canvas, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Google Docs. The course also includes tutorials on how to implement edited captions in Panopto, Zoom, and YouTube. In addition, I have helped design training modules and checklists for Rise and Storyline content authors. The modules and checklists highlight strategies for creating content with a logical focus order, alt text, descriptive buttons, transcripts, captions, and interactive content that is keyboard accessible. I have presented at Stanford’s Center for Teaching and Learning events and for a variety of departments across the university. 


In my previous role, I was the Accessibility & Assistive Technology Coordinator at Saint Mary's College in Northern California. I provided students with assistive technology and academic coaching. I created about 300 accessible textbooks a semester and a Google Drive database to manage the content. I worked with faculty to create accessible course materials that foster inclusion. I was the faculty advisor for the DiverseAbilities Club on campus, which is a student-led club that arranges multiple disability awareness events each year. 


I am working toward a doctorate in Educational Technology from Boise State University. I have my master's in occupational therapy from the University of Southern California.  I received my BA in Film Production from Loyola Marymount University. I served on the Board of Directors for Ability Now Bay Area, for 4 years where I provided guidance on digital accessibility. 


I have a passion for promoting digital accessibility in higher education and helping content authors create courses that foster inclusion. 

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