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A close up of Auston Stamm. A caucasian man in his thirties with dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

Published Works


Stamm, A., & Hsu, YC (2021). The Marrakesh Treaty’s impact on the accessibility and reproduction of published works. TechTrends, 65(5), 692–695 (2021).

Summary: This article explores the international landscape of accessible books and the challenges of narrow copyright exceptions. The benefits and pitfalls of the Marrakesh Treaty are examined. 


Stamm, A. (2023). Embracing my differences and finding purpose. Vance, M., & Harrison, B., DISABLED faculty and staff in higher education: Intersecting identities and everyday experience. AHEAD. 

Summary: This book profiles faculty and staff in higher education with disabilities. The forward was written by Haben Girma who is a disability rights advocate and the first deaf-blind woman to graduate from Harvard. I have a chapter in the book sharing my experiences working in higher education as a person with a disability. 


Lowenthal, P. R., Horan, A., DeArmond, M. C., Lomellini, A., Egan, D., Johnson, M., Moeller, K. N., Keldgord,

F., Kuohn, J., Jensen, S., Stamm, A., & Pounds, D. (accepted). Classroom community and online learning: A

synthesis of Alfred Rovai’s research. TechTrends.

Summary: In EDTECH 606 our class collaborated on a paper analyzing the research of Alfred Rovai who contributed to the understanding of connectedness and community in online courses. I am listed as a minor author. 

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