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How To Become A Champion Of Digital Accessibility

This is an online course designed for working professionals to learn more about document & web accessibility, along with universal design principles. Students are encouraged through a series of exercises to evaluate their organization's workflows and to implement accessibility solutions. Students will have the opportunity to network and to learn more about accessibility with their peers. At the end of the course, students will have created a design document and presentation highlighting the different accessibility aspects they plan to implement.  

Accessibility Topics

Document Accessibility

  • Gain an understanding of common document accessibility errors

    • Alt Text​

    • Heading Levels

    • Logical Read Order

    • Color Contrast

  • Learn how to use the Microsoft Accessibility Checker

  • Use screen reading software to identify Word Document and PDF accessibility errors

  • Explore how to implement document accessibility strategies into your organization's workflows

Web Accessibility

  • Learn about common web accessibility errors

    • Headings Levels

    • Alt Text

    • Described Links

    • Color Contrast

  • Use automated accessibility checkers like the Wave Tool & ANDI​

  • Test websites with screen reading software
  • Develop a design document and presentation outlining how web accessibility principles can be implemented into your organization

Universal Design

  • Explore the seven principles of universal design

  • Apply universal design principles based on specific scenarios 

  • Develop an inclusive culture that permeates throughout your organization 

Required Software

Microsoft Office is the only application that has a cost associated with it. All the other software is free and can be easily downloaded and installed on Mac and Windows computers. This course is not designed to be compatible with Google Chromebooks, iPads, or Android Tablets. 

Students will need Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader to access a variety of documents. Colour Contrast Analyser software will be used to determine if document and web content meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) Guidelines. Web content will be screened for accessibility using either the Wave Accessibility Checker or ANDI. Students are encouraged to use Google Chrome to perform their accessibility evaluations but other web browsers may be supported. 

In addition, students will need to perform manual accessibility testing using screen reading software. Students can use NVDA software, which is a free screen reader compatible with most Windows-based computers. Students can also use VoiceOver, which is screen reading software preinstalled on all Mac computers. 

Preview Of The Course

You can preview the course by clicking the button below and entering the login information listed below.


Password: thisisatest

Course Design Document

Below is a design document that highlights the layout and thought process behind this course. 


This course is entirely free! However, at the end of the course, you will receive a link asking for a donation. Please donate based on the value the course provided. I will continue to work on improving the quality of the course and adding additional resources.


Please check out the course syllabus below. The course begins June 12, 2022, and ends August 14, 2022. There will be a synchronous Zoom Sunday, August 14th at 12 PM Pacific Standard Time where students will share their design documents and accessibilty presentations. 

Sign Up

If you are interested in participating in this course please use the button below to access a Google Form to sign up. I hope to see you there! 

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